- I´m Not a Fitness Freak 

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Marianne Cecilie Huseby / marianne@karitraa.com

Danish pop artist Medina, swears to what she refers to as «lazy workouts» to stay in shape.

- I’m not into having people screaming at me to push me into performing, I prefer to take it nice and slow at my own pace.

But Medina is far from «lazy». To be able to go through her hectic life of travelling and performing on stage, she must always stay in shape.

- Sometimes I wear a pedometer to count my steps, and during a performance, I´ve found that I walk 4 km in only half an hour. Singing and moving at the same time demands a lot from you.

Magic trick

Medina´s magic trick to prioritize training in a hectic lifestyle is to always bring gym wear with her.

- This way I can work out wherever I am. I don’t have a regular training plan that I follow on specific times. I need to be flexible and work out whenever I have a gap in my schedule; in a hotel room, a park or wherever.

Some days you will find Medina wearing her training gear all day. 

- It makes me feel so good and energetic; as if they give me super powers to get things done.

doesn´t have to take over your life.

Medina stresses the fact that applying activity in your everyday life doesn’t have to take up much time.

- It can take everything from 3-5 minutes to an hour, depending on what you feel like and can that day. For example, I have this thing when I walk my dog, where I do one exercise each time we pass through a park. 

But if she´s feeling stressed out or tired, the active pop star won´t be pressuring herself to work out. 

- Working out doesn’t need to take over your life, but can rather be something pleasurable to do when you need it.

my Free space

Pilates and yoga are some of Medina´s favourite activities.

- I don’t use any weights, only my own body weight through yoga- and pilates exercises. This off course also gives me more freedom to work out wherever, whenever - I only need my training gear and I´m good to go.

Training for Medina, is as much a free space to clear her thoughts as a way to stay fit.

- I´m always on the go with a lot of people around me, which contradicts to the fact that I actually need a lot of alone time. Working out enables me to disappear into my own world, and to get some peace and quiet.