Nordic winter luxury

Voss Line is made from premium materials that give you the ultimate outdoor comfort – tailor made for Nordic winter luxury. 

The new Voss Line collection is beaming elegance and functionality. A style inspired by Kari Traa´s outdoor philosophy, Norwegian nature and Nordic soul. The garments embrace the body with silky soft materials, just like fresh powder snow. A quality that can both be seen and felt.

 - Kari Traa is the market leader on baselayer for women. With Voss Line, we are expanding our assortment with a high-end line that unites elegance and comfort. The garments are timeless, classic and top quality. Voss Line stands out from our main collection with its sophisticated, delicate look, says head of marketing for Kari Traa, Sissel Himle. 

... a minimalistic Scandinavian look with materials and technical features of the highest quality


Premium Materials

Voss Line is a complete and versatile collection. You can find anything from soft refined wool, to practical outerwear, gloves and beanies. The line has a minimalistic Scandinavian look with materials and technical features of the highest quality. The combination of traditional merino wool with super light PrimaLoft down blend isolation, soft leather and exclusive yak wool gives a luxurious feeling.

- The yak wool comes from the long-haired yak-bull living in the coldest and windiest parts of the Himalaya-region. The nomads have been wearing their unique wool for centuries, benefitting from the extremely fine and cashmere-soft fibres. We have now developed it into performance wear for outdoor adventurers, head of design Johanna Hills-Johnes explains. 


... constructed to meet women’s needs for high performance and great design.


Voss Line is constructed to meet women’s needs for high performance and great design. The wool baselayers transport moist away from the body, the midlayers create air pockets and natural isolation, while the outerwear protects against harsh weather conditions, with technical seams and zippers.

- The garments adjust to the body and provide full flexibility. With the luxurious apparel from Voss Line you can meet all kinds weather conditions that winter has to offer, with more elegant and comfortable design than ever, head of design Hills-Johnes concludes.