we dare you

We are so thankful for the great tips you have been sharing with us through our «We Dare You» Campaign, that we decided to gather them in this blog post. We hope that you all feel inspired to continue to break out from a boring training pattern, and to make exercise a fun part of your life!

Readers Tips to Spark Your inner Champion

  • Tip 1. Let Music be Your Performance Drug

You´ve all experienced it; you´re just about to give up a heavy exercise, run or whatever, before a specific tune grabs your attention and fills you with new energy and motivation to continue. It´s been confirmed over and over by science; music and mood are inherently linked. The world-leading researcher on music for performance, Dr. Costas Karageorghis, who has authored over 100 studies, says that one can think of music as “a type of legal performance-enhancing drug”. The more upbeat, the more energizing. So why not take this seriously and start making motivational new playlists every month to enhance your workouts. You can even make it a rule that you´re only aloud to listen to it when working out. If it´s good enough, you will long for that next run!


  • Tip 2. Set Goals

Setting a goal for yourself not only gives you direction, but most importantly motivation. Goals also enable you to learn more about your training abilities which can help to replace boredom with challenge, i.e. goals serve as an energiser! As you start achieving your goals you will build confidence and feel a great sense of achievement, which will help to drive you further. Read more about how to set workout goals you´ll actually achieve here

  • Tip 3. Team up With a Friend

Getting pushed by a friend at the gym is a great way to pimp up a training routine – not to mention it´s probably the most bulletproof way to ensure you get to it! You might feel disappointed if you skip a workout with yourself, but standing up a friend is a whole other story ... Being accountable and needing to show up for someone else therefore results in fewer skipped workouts and a lot more fun!

  • Tip 4. Focus on the feeling after

There is a reason to why they call them «endorphin junkies», referring to the feeling of happiness that the body produce when we are working out, that keeps so many devoted exercisers coming back for more. The next time you are feeling too tired or low, or both, visualize that happy bubbling sensation you will get if you step out of your comfort zone and work out. 

  • Tip 5. Dress for Success

Many of you have pointed out the fact that dressing up in colourful energizing outfits that make you feel good about yourself, is a huge motivation factor. To get things straight, no one cares how you look at the gym, people are too focused on themselves to bother if you have a «bad day». That being said, if it makes YOU feel good – dressing up in a gym outfit that you love undeniably gives you a great «I can do it all»-feeling. Not to mention, is working out in technical, seamless and breathable fabrics so much more comfortable when you sweat. So gear up if it gives you confidence, and find a spot with a mirror to enjoy the «view»;).

Threadmill Dance tutorial

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