The Quest For Perfection Has Backfired  

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Marianne C. Huseby /

When you picture the perfect woman, what do you see?

She probably has a perfectly shaped body, an inspiring wardrobe, a handsome boyfriend, fun friends, exciting holiday plans, straight A´s, an interesting job and a to die for apartment …

That is quite a list of achievements. And while these women probably exist somewhere in this universe, getting exhausted juggling it all at the same time, many of us are - and prioritize our time – different.

unrealistic standards 

Every day, we are bombarded with messages about unrealistic standards when it comes to beauty, fitness, education, career and social life.

The media give us tips on «how to get the dream job» or «how to lose weight». Influencers we follow on social media shows off seemingly perfect boyfriends, outfits and holidays. While brands portray super fit, air brushed models that few of us can identify with.

negative impact

The quest for perfection has backfired. It does not contribute positively to women’s lives.

Right now, more than eight out of ten Nordic women feel uncomfortable with their own body.

And the majority find themselves doubting their own potential and worth, because they can’t live up to this unattainable ideal.

This has a negative impact on the lives of many women and can lead to low self-esteem and anxiety. For some, exercise turns into an obsession, enjoying food becomes impossible and our work efforts, or anything they do, never really seem to be good enough.

The reality is that women are so much more than the narrow ideal created by society.


Women come in all shapes and sizes, with different talents, skills and interests. What a relief! Because the world would be so boring and so dysfunctional if we all had the same talents, pursued the same dreams and shared the same looks.

We strongly believe that every woman is unique in their own way, and that embracing our strengths, rather than killing them by comparing our self to this «ideal», can make us all bloom.

We want women to liberate themselves from unreasonable expectations of beauty, exercise, career and social status.

Because no matter the size of your thighs, the distance you run, the career you choose, or your diet; we believe that you are best fit to pursue your goals and live your life.

Celebrate your own goals and what you accomplish. Celebrate your friends and family. Celebrate your body. Celebrate your mind. Celebrate YOURSELF.