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Ida Ruder 

Spring has sprung, for a lot of people this means the running season is finally here. But for skiers like me, it means good bye to the skiing-season ... This isn’t a time to get lazy however, maintaining and building strength is crucial to have a shot in the next season to come.

My name is Ida Ruder. I´m a Swedish adventurer and skier that loves to exercise and push limits. But most of all, I love being outdoors and explore the nature. So, when there is no more snow to indulge, I like to do my fitness regimen outside in fresh air while I explore new environments.

Today I will inspire you to do the same, through a leg program that you can do anywhere!

I personally love doing leg workouts because it’s the part of my body that I use the most.
We all depend on our legs and it´s crucially to help them gain the power they need to carry us through life - and for skiers, up and down the mountains! 

Here are 5 fantastic leg exercises that you can do anywhere outside. To maintain and gain the strength you need for summer, and of course to combine the beautiful summer vibes outside with a fun empowering outdoor-exercise! 

1. Running Stairs

Running stairs is fantastic! You know why? Because it activates more muscle than normal traditional running and you can do it in any staircase! It ads even more explosive power to your workout and exceeds the muscular capacity we use when running. Another benefit is that running upstairs is easier on the joints 

How to: Try to have a balanced step, slightly running on your toes, and run with equivalent step and fluent rhythm. Look where you are going and just go for it! 

Main muscular areas targeted: The Quadriceps, The Hamstrings,The Gluteals, The Hip Flexors, The Calves. 

Strengths: You can do it anywhere. It’s never far away and it gives a good over all exercise for your body! 

2. Wall sit

This is an efficient and hence popular leg exercise for downhill skiers prepping for the season.

How to: Sit down against a wall. Pressing your entire back against the wall. Let your feet and legs create exactly a 90-degree angle, and make sure to keep your knees parallel and your feet falt against the ground. Endure for as long as you can. Make those legs burn! 

Main muscular areas targeted: Mainly builds isometric strength and endurance in the glutes, calves and quadriceps.

Strengths: The wall sit pushes your quads real bad. This is empowering isometric strength in these muscle groups. It also works the muscles endurance real well. 


This exercise is amazing! It is a little more advanced than normal lounges bur real fun to do!

How to: One foot forward, whilst letting the other lay on a bench behind you. Lower yourself by bending your front knee, make sure your knee does not exceed a angle where it goes in front of your foot. Try to create a 90 degree angle. Important to keep your hip facing strait forward through the whole bend. 

Main muscular areas targeted: Upper leg muscle, the Quadriceps, glutes. 

Strengths: This exercise forces you to put complete focus on one leg at the time. This also excludes the ability to compensate your weaker leg to your stronger leg. Your weaker side and muscular inability is unable to get away.


This exercise is challenging. It will most likely take some time to master it both in balance and movement. However, once you have mastered this exercise, it is fantastic to use to push your leg workouts to the next level! And for us skiers ... it’s an ace to maintaining our leg muscles!  

How to: Start in a normal standing position. Push one of your legs strait out in front of you & while standing on your other foot, slowly squat all the way down to the floor. Keeping both your hips and glutes strait towards the ground. Once down your leg and arms will be held out strait in front of you to maintain balance and coordination. Remember to keep your heel of the foot pressed to the floor, throughout the entire exercise. 

Main muscular areas targeted: Quads, hamstrings, glutes. 

Strengths: Majority dynamical performance and strength. Once mastered a wonderful exercise that will push you forward!


Lunges are one of my favourite routines for outdoors training. It’s easy to do, feels good to do anywhere and its real effective for your legs! 

How to: Step forward with one leg, lowering your hips until both knees are bent at about a 90-degree angle. Make sure your front knee is directly above your ankle, not pushed out too far, and make sure your other knee doesn't touch the floor. Keep the weight in your heels as you push back up to the starting position. Remember to keep your upper body straight throughout the exercise. 

Main muscular areas targeted:  the quadriceps, hip extensors, gluteal muscles,  hamstrings and the calves. 

Strengths: Easy to do anywhere. Good for your entire legs. 

Try to have fun and enjoy getting outside! Make sure to get strong and healthy to be able to get through all those adventures life has to offer! Mix it up with a run or powerwalk and believe me you will be fit for fight this summer! 

Remember that YOU are fantastic wherever you now start, and you deserve to be the very best of what you can be! Good luck to you all, have fun and see you out there!