Spinach protein waffles are a delicious option for a healthy breakfast, lunch or even dinner, - it´s all depending on what you choose as your topping. Try this salmon and avocado version for a tasty and nutritious lunch or dinner. 

This recipe by The Protein Kitcen serves: 2-3 spinach waffles 


• 1 + 2 egg whites (or two whole eggs )

• 50g spinach

• 25g glutenfree oats (or just regular, and you can also use almond flour)

• Salt & pepper


• Yogurt of your choice (low fat)

• Salmon

• Sliced Tomato

• Sliced Avocado

• Some fresh Spinach/Salad


1. Preheat your waffle iron.

2. Blend all the waffle ingredients (for more protein, add some protein powder, either neutral or vanilla).

3. Bake the waffle for a few minutes until it is slightly golden.

4. Top with your desired topping. You can even fold the waffle to form a sandwich.

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