environmental responsibility

Sustainability and CSR

The majority of our products are made in China. We have an office in Shanghai that keeps in direct contact with all factories that manufacture for us in Asia. Our colleagues in Shanghai visit the factories on a regular basis to ensure production and ethical environment for the workers.

Kari Traa constantly works towards fulfilling the REACH requirements in the EU to avoid toxic chemicals  in all of our products. Working with sustainability also includes being willing to prioritize local transport in the Far East countries; Kari Traa mainly use boat freight instead of airfreight, to lower our CO2 emission. And a thorough production plan helps us avoid excessive emissions in producing countries during peak season.

Non-mulesing Wool

All wool products brought to the market by Kari Traa are produced with non-mulesing wool. To secure this, we have ongoing routines to secure certificates for all wool used in the manufacturing.

1: IWTO certificate – to secure that all partial shipments of wool come from non-mulesing wool.

2: Certificate of origin – this certificate confirms that all partial shipments of non-mulesing wool comes from specified suppliers in the actual production country, to the supplier in China that are classified to resell the wool as non-mulesing wool.

3: Wool spinning certificate – confirms that all garments produced by Kari Traaa production partners are based on non-mulesing wool.

Kari Traa have taken an active stand against mulesing and expect that this practice in raw material production soon will be history.

We are both proactive and positive to adapt to any new certifications rules or other standard regulations that could be installed to secure animals rights in the production process.