dress smart for spring

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Marianne Cecilie Huseby / marianne@karitraa.com

When the early signs of spring arrive, we tend to pack away our wool and undress. The result is too often a bad cold, which is exactly how we don´t wish to start the season. 

It´s a tricky thing finding the right balance in between overheating and getting cold when dressing up for outdoor activities during spring. We asked the expert for advice.

Cotton absorbs moist, without insulating against the cold. 

Layer up in the right materials

Head of Kari Traa´s design team Johanna Hills-Johnes says that it´s all about layering up with the right materials.

- Sweating outside in a cotton shirt for example, is a bad idea, she warns. That is because cotton absorbs moist, without insulating against the cold.  

Hills-Johnes recommends us to wear an inner layer of thin merino wool. 

- Because it absorbs less liquid, and provides great insulation. Furthermore, the wicking properties of wool fibres draw moisture away from the skin to keep the body warm.

Insulates against both extreme cold- and warm temperatures.

Regulates temperature

The chef designer says that the idea of wool being a winter gear is a big misconception.

- Merino wool is unique, she explains, because it both insulates against extreme cold- and warm temperatures. Which is why the Bedouin tribes of the Sinai desert used it as protection against the extreme heath!

- This makes wool perfect for both winter and summer.