10 tips for packing like a pro 

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Marianne Cecilie Huseby / marianne@karitraa.com

Summer`s up! Time to pack your belongings and get out of the city. But, before you start panicking about how the *** you are going to fit your whole summer wardrobe into your luggage; learn these handy tricks:  

1. Make a list

Boring you say, but oh so handy. Writing everything down before you start packing is a bullet proof method to avoid forgetting something. And also, it forces you to prioritize what you really need from what you can leave at home. Go through the list at the end of your packing to make sure you got everything. This way you will feel so much more relaxed when you take off.

2. stop folding, start rolling!

No need to spend time folding every piece of garment correctly. Try rolling them instead. This way you avoid having to iron every single piece when you reach your destination. It will all be nice, and straight when you unroll them from your bag. Also you free so much space from your luggage. You will be surprised!

3. Divide your clothing into bags

To avoid the feeling of chaos when being away, I advise you to sort your clothing into bags. Underwear in one, training gear in another, etc. This way you don`t have to get crazy in your search for the perfect outfit ...

4. Spare a bag for laundry

You don`t need to be away for long before your bag gets filled with dirty laundry. This doesn't mean that ALL of your luggage needs to get greasy however. Spare a plastic bag where you put every single dirty piece, to separate it from the clean stuff. I promise you will also thank yourself when you get back and unpack. Because all you have to do is drop that bag in the washing machine and all the clean stuff back into your closet; and voila, you can relax.


Repackaging your liquids, like shampoo and body lotion, into leak-proof containers has two main benefits: You avoid getting your luggage soaked in shampoo and you cut way back on space and weight usage = more space for your summer wardrobe!

Psst! Don`t bring your big bottle of perfume, rather get a sample from your local fragrance retailer.

6. Say goodbye to your army of beauty products 

A big part of taking holiday is cutting back on your daily routines. Don`t waste time putting on makeup that you are much likely to sweat off anyway. Let your skin breathe, forget worrying about getting «raccoon eyes» when you want to take a swim and let your hair grow stronger without using hairspray and heat treatments. Embrace your natural self. And trust me, the summer sun will make you glow a lot more without that layer of foundation and the salty water will curl your hear a lot more sexier than your curler ever will. Bring only the most essential beauty products, and save the time and space!

Psst! Sunscreen can be expensive and hard to get outside the western world, make sure to bring a small bottle from home.

7. Don't Pack More Shoes and Clothes Than You Need

I know this one is easier said than done. Packing for a trip is often a struggle to distinguish what we want to bring from what we need to bring. I dare you to at least get rid of one of each garment (except underwear!) and I think you will come to learn that you surviv just fine without them. Bring clothes in colors that you can mix and match and only pack shoes that can be worn with multiple outfits.

 Remember to bring one warm sweater that suits all of your outfits.

8. Bring training gear and get active!

No need to fall completely out of shape after your holidays. You will feel a lot more energized and happier if you implement some activity to your lazy days. And the first step to ensure this? Free space in your luggage for training gear! Play volleyball at the beach, discover a new city on a bicycle or by running. Or use our ambassador Synne Baklid`s outdoor training program anywhere. A quick run in the morning, followed by a swim will also ease a lot of impatience if you`re staying on a family trip for too long ... And remember to bring Louise bag for your water bottle so you don`t dehydrated on the way!

Psst! Take only your lightest pair of running shoes with you. Or even better; travel in them. So comfortable, and saves the space!

9. Use a pencil case or sunglasses case to store your cables

Avoid losing your important chargers and cables and store them together in a pencil case or an old sunglasses cage. This way you also avoid having to search through all your stuff every time you need them ...

10. Bring a big hand luggage! 

In case you fail on some of the advices listed above; bring a big hand luggage to get room for that extra dress you truly believe you can`t live without ... And also; make sure to leave room for your most valuable items there, in case of lost luggage.

And remember, the best souvenirs are your memories. No need to fill your luggage with useless items on the way home.



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