Training Gear

Marika Collection

For women who want to push their own limits! These super technical pieces provide optimal comfort and movability

Marit Collection

Beautiful training pieces with a clean look made to make you feel free and comfortable while working out.

Tove Collection

Advanced winter training apparel, engineered for the highest performance during high energy activities.

Toril Collection

Built for high performance on colder days

Lene Collection

Versatile training gear made from a quick drying, 4-way stretch fabric

Tina Collection

Flattering and feminine garments made for women who want to feel their best, while giving their all.

Louise&Lise Collection

The cool, colourful seems enhances the female silhouette and adds a unique look. Funky and functional.

Mathea Collection

Highly functional with a great look. Made for all around training, inside or out

Kristin Collection

Colourful and trendy training wear that sparks energy!

Nora Collection

Classic Training Gear

Marte Collection

Super light and technical training gear that provides maximum breathability and comfort for your workouts.


Rose Collection

An icon of the scandinavian winter, Kari Traa rose base layers provide maximum warmth and are perfect for building up on cold days

Svala Collection

Sleek and sporty, this award winning baselayer is engineered for high-energy activities in the cold.

Perle Collection

The perfect base for building up on cold days, when you want to get active! The beautiful pattern adds a unique touch of style to you outfit

Tikse Collection

A super thin and incredibly soft 100 % merino wool base layer for spring and summer outdoor activities.

Collection ULLA
collection Stjerna